About us

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Your growth partner

We will automate the business processes of your company, restore the image, and also ensure the stable operation and further development of the software.

Our clients

Aspects such as usability, speed, security, interoperability, amortization, training, etc. must be considered in software development. This requires a team that complements each other’s skills. Typical clients choose us to implement 3-6 month long projects with a team of 3-6 people.


In working with approved technologies, internal standards have been developed, which are provided even if the customer has not requested them.
Quality standards include:

  • Security risk mitigation strategy
  • A set of performance optimization measures
  • SEO optimization guidelines
  • Social network integration requirements
  • Checklists of critical aspects


The experience accumulated over 20 years in the automation of business processes allows us to find the optimal technical solution, reduce risks and maximize investment return, as well as provide valuable consultations throughout the cooperation period.

Training and certification

The company’s employees are constantly updating their knowledge to ensure high-quality expert service.

Recognition and social activity

Cloud Enterprise Systems is an active participant in the educational community of Jelgava, cooperating with educational institutions, as well as actively participating in the state policy-making process, representing the field of business activity.