Development of a remote water meter platform

About project

Remote water meter reading (IoT) solutions are offered by several manufacturers. The technologies offered change over time. There are also platforms that have built-in convenient reporting tools, but often these platforms are compatible with remote water reading meters from certain manufacturers and therefore cannot reflect all data there.
It is very difficult for building managers, who historically have developed various technological solutions, to collect and analyze all this information in one place. Therefore, a platform independent of equipment manufacturers was developed, which periodically loads data from various technologies and indicators, which allows you to see a complete picture of consumption and equipment malfunctions in one place.

Development of the solution

Features of the remote water meter platform

In order to see the data of all water meters on one platform, data from the following sources was collected:

The developed platform shows data from all these sources together. It allows you to compare the meter reading of the building with the meter readings of the common apartments, as well as prepare Excel reports.

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