Development of a working time accounting system

About project

Timekeeping is basically simple, but challenges arise when it is necessary to integrate data with other systems and at the same time make this system as convenient as possible for users.

1) Choose a finished product

The finished product will have many functions, perhaps some of them will never be used, while some of the principles defined in the product may even systematize the process itself in the company. The integration of other systems may have to be adapted to this product. In this scenario, you should expect constant costs for licenses and maintenance.

2) Carry out development using one of the so-called code development platforms

For example, with Microsoft Power Apps, a lot can be done with minimal programming knowledge, but as usual in such cases, to realize the last 20% of the requirements requires 80% of work and knowledge investment. Before choosing this path, it is necessary to make sure that all essential functions and the volume of data will be such that this standardized solution can be implemented. You should also take into account that you will have to pay for a product license for each user.

3) Customized solution

Building a custom solution may involve higher investment, but it is possible to build only the necessary features and integrations, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The implemented solution

information input, with data loading from the business system. Accordingly, customer data and products were stored in the business system. On the other hand, the hours were recorded in the developed solution, the maintenance costs of which do not depend on the number of users.
From the collected data, reports were prepared with Power BI, which provided indications for management decision-making.

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